Cook County Highway Department

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Planning Projects

These projects are not yet open for bid and are subject to change
Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Anticipated Bid Date
016-600-002 (subject to change) SAP 016-600-002 (subject to change) Schroeder Tote Road    
016-600-003 (subject to change) SAP 016-600-003 (subject to change) Father Baragas Cross Road Father Baragas Cross Road   
016-612-074 (subject to change) SP 016-612-074 (subject to change) CSAH 12 Rehabilitation 2019 CSAH 12 between Trout Lake Rd and...   
016-612-075 (subject to change) SP 016-612-075 (subject to change) Gunflint Trail Bit Replacement From W JCT CR 92 to E JCT CR 92   
016-612-076 (subject to change) SAP 016-612-076 (subject to change) CSAH 12 SIDEWALK CSAH 12   
016-615-002 (subject to change) 016-615-002 (subject to change) CSAH 15 Recon    
016-618-005 (subject to change) SAP 016-618-005 (subject to change) Bituminous Replacement, South Shore Drive CSAH 18 from JCT CSAH 8 to 3.3...